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Russian writer loudly spoke about the meeting, trump and Putin

Российский писатель громко высказался о встрече Трампа и ПутинаBulls compare presidents with “monsters of political propaganda”.

The behavior of the President of the United States Donald trump in dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin says that they like to be in the company of each other. T

This opinion column for the publication “the Source” expressed the Russian journalist, writer Dmitry Bykov.

“Not everything can be explained by geopolitics, they are people too. And they liked it, especially Trump. He, unlike Putin, is living in an uncomfortable seat, no one calls him the father of the nation, it is a kind word from anyone does not hear and understand psychologically close to the interlocutor of high rank, and he is vital. Because it is much harder than Putin, and firewood, it can be mangled a lot more,” he wrote. According to the writer, from a new meeting between Putin and trump “should not wait for any sensations”.

“Just these two are good together. How, for example, [Soviet historian-americanist] Valentin Zorin and [former US Secretary of state] Henry Kissinger – the two monsters of political propaganda, who loved to chat, but tirelessly fought ideologically,” said Bykov. He believes that this situation “is very good”.

“Because of the results is still zero, and the ideological stench can significantly weaken and even, you see, will be the easing of international tension”, – said Bykov.

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