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Russian trolls have tried to organize riots in the United States

Российские "тролли" пытались устроить беспорядки в СШАThe Russians tried to undermine the political boat in the country.

The Russian company, known as a “Troll factory”, tried through advertising in Facebook to organize protests in the United States, including rallies against immigrants and Muslims in the state of Idaho in August 2016.

Calls for mass demonstrations against the visit to the United States immigrants from Muslim States miraculously coincided with anti-immigrant statements of the presidential candidate from the Republican party, Donald trump, according to the article.

“The story of Facebook was proof that the Kremlin’s attempts to influence the political discourse of America go beyond the publication of false news, was and calls to action in real life” – the newspaper notes.

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Former FBI agent Clint watts believes that the purpose of Russian propaganda is to change normal human behavior.

“The simplest behavior change is that someone spread the propaganda that Russia has created. The second part of behavior modification is to try to get people to take action,” said watts.

Action in twin falls, was appointed on 27 August 2016. Information about it spread on the page with the number of subscribers to more than 133 000 (page now deleted by Facebook administration). However “liked” the announcement of anti-Muslim rally 48 people and confirmed their participation, only four. In the end, the demonstration did not take place, writes The Daily Beast.

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Security service Facebook 6 Sep reported that has blocked 470 fake accounts and pages that in the period from June 2015 to may 2017 spread about 3000 advertising messages. For this purpose spent $100 thousand pages were linked to each other and, probably, was administered from Russia.

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Holguin is LLC “Agency Internet research”, which, according to the Russian press, is engaged in the direct online propaganda and informally called by his staff, the so-called Kremlin trolls, the “Ministry of truth”.

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