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Russian teachers spoke in defense of defendants in the “Moscow business”

Российские учителя выступили в защиту фигурантов «московского дела»

Russian teachers published an open letter in defense of defendants in the “Moscow business”. On 18 September under the document was signed by 267 teachers.

The letter emphasized that the sentences to protesters unjust and violate the Constitution, is a “flagrant lawlessness”. Power, according to the authors of the letter, follow the method of “exemplary intimidation” of the population, but Russian history shows that it is a “sure way for further growth of discontent” of people. Also mentions the hypocrisy of the authorities: the school teaches children that the Constitution is the fundamental law, but when the children grow up, they discover, “what kind of poster where the quoted article from the Constitution, can detain, arrest and judge”. It is impossible to talk to children frankly about the Decembrists, prison, Gulag, freedom of choice and responsibility while pretending that outside of the classroom, nothing happens.

Teachers also write that one in contemporary Russia is allowed to flagrantly violate the law, while others can’t exercise their constitutional rights, and this situation inevitably leads to an explosion. Given the example of science. “Physicists are well aware that the brewing boiling pot inevitably leads to its explosion; historians and writers know what caused the historical rate of the brewing pot” — like teacher. They point out that the unity of society is possible only on the basis of equality of all before the law and hope that the government is still able to learn the lessons of history.

“We demand the release of unjustly convicted, to stop the trumped up case and give a fair from the point of view of the law assessment of the actions of those who beat people in the streets, arrested without guilt, perjured, wrote a blueprint of false protocols, carried out knowingly unjust sentences,” write the teacher. Otherwise, they warn, Russia is doomed “over and over again to stay for a second year.”

We will remind, earlier open letter in support of the arrested and convicted in the “Moscow case” signed by dozens of priests of the Russian Orthodox Church. The acting community has spoken in defense of Pavel Ustinov, sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for what he allegedly dislocated his shoulder to the officer of Regardie.

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