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Russian “Stranger” breaks into the big screen (TRAILER)

It seems that this problem project still gets to cinemas. And wait for the premiere remained about a month.

Film, we recall, was originally called “Martian” and first came on our radar in 2014. Then on the big screens of planet Earth came Hollywood’s “the Martian”, and it became clear that the two paintings as something suspiciously similar. Mikhail Raskhodnikov, author and screenwriter domestic tapes, intent to sue 20th Century Fox, but it is not burnt. Now our film is called “Stranger”, he changed the story, and Director is dead two years ago, Alexander Kulikov. In General, all a little bit weird.

Meanwhile, the recent teaser picture was quite sane. And now we can appreciate and fully fledged trailer.


In the result of a chain of tragic events on a distant planet alone is an astronaut. His life is in constant danger. Something inexplicable, came into contact with him will forever change him. From then on, he will be lost for ourselves and for the people.
And how many times he will have to die to prove that he is alive…

The film starred Andrey Smolyakov, Maksim Vitorgan, Gregory siyatvinda, Yuri Tsurilo, Alexander Kulikov, Anna Banshchikova and Evgenia Shipova.

Would all this something sensible? We’ll find out. The premiere is scheduled for November 8, 2018.

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