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Russian stars crying that they “threw” in the Crimea

Российские звезды плачутся, что их "кинули" в КрымуArtists are not paid an honorarium.

Russian singer Rodion Gazmanov said that he “cheated” on the money the organizers of the tour in the occupied Crimea.

According to the son of people’s artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov, a few minutes before going on stage, he was informed that the organizer of the event Yuriy Bondarchuk will not pay for the performance of a penny.

“He reported, when the viewer was already in the hall. That is not to leave we couldn’t… I don’t like someone who lies, and I don’t want a similar situation again with someone from fellow artists,” said Rodion Gazmanov.

The victim Bondarchuk also became the honored artist of Russia Vyacheslav Malezhik, whose well-known producer “cheated” on 1 million roubles. Moreover, the wife of the singer stated that his action organizer nearly drove Malezhik in the grave.

“We had three concerts. Barely got over the first concert, part the second. I said that on the third concert, we will not go until you bring what we talked about, that amount of money. He is not brought, we gave the concert. In four days we have had a stroke,” she said.

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