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Russian special services carried out the replacement of the leaders of the LDNR, Kiva

Спецслужбы РФ проводят замену главарей ЛДНР, - КиваIn particular, the rearrangement occurs by the successive killings of leaders of insurgents.

Russian security services carried out the work on the replacement of the leaders of the militants of the terrorist “DNR” and “LNR”, in turn eliminating them. Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” said Advisor to the interior Minister Ilya Kiva.

“I do not doubt that all these events that occur over the leaders of the “LDNR”, it’s all the work of the Russian special services, who are now doing some redecorating in the leadership of these terrorist organizations… So it is easier to put them on the cross and lay down in the ground,” he said. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Adviser to the Minister added that all involved in crimes in the Donbass after a while will have to answer and bear the responsibility before the Ukrainian people.

Recall that on 8 February, the militants of the terrorist “DNR” announced the death of one of their leaders – Mikhail Tolstykh with the Callsign “Givi”. It was noted that the terrorist was blown up early in the morning in his office at the headquarters of the so-called battalion “Somalia”, which he directed, located in the suburbs of the occupied Donetsk – Makeyevka. Presumably the shot was fired from a flame thrower “bumblebee”. During the shot “Givi” was in office.

Note, February 4, in the occupied Lugansk as a result of blasting of an SUV was killed head of the so-called “people’s militia LNR” Oleg Anashchenko. Militants accused in the murder of the Ukrainian secret service and even said about the detainees. Meanwhile, in the “LC” say that the death Anashchenko probably was the result of the sweep, pursued by the leader of the militants “LNR” Igor Carpenter.

On 27 December, as said in the “LC” died “Minister of agriculture and food” psevdorespubliki Sergey Litvin. He allegedly died of a heart attack. Lytvyn was one of the organizers of the so-called referendum on the proclamation of the “LC” and a friend of the deceased “ex-Prime Minister LNR” Gennady Cycalona. In his sudden death, not all believe.

Also “suddenly” on January 27, died the first “Chapter” of “LNR” Valery Bolotov. Cause is called acute heart failure, but the wife of the deceased believes that he was poisoned with a Cup of coffee at one of the bars of Moscow during a business meeting. Bolotov left Ukraine in August 2014, and then declared that it was dismissed as a result of the conspiracy.

Separately, we recall that on October 16 last year, was murdered comrade “Givi”, the leader of the group “Sparta”, nicknamed Motorola, who has admitted to killing fighters of VSU and abused prisoners. Arsen Pavlov, the name of the native of the Russian Republic of Komi, came to fight in the Donbass for the “Russian world” killed in the Elevator. More specifically, blew up. He returned to his apartment in Donetsk, and in the Elevator triggered the explosives.

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