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Russian special forces in Syria “to stop hiding”

Спецназ России в Сирии «перестал прятаться»

That Russian special forces are operating in Syria are well known to all. However, until recently, about what exactly the agencies are those or other fighters, it was known very little. The reason — the complete absence of any soldiers insignia.

Спецназ России в Сирии «перестал прятаться»

For special services, such behavior is standard practice. During the great Patriotic war, any sabotage and reconnaissance detachments, going on a mission was left in the rear shoulder straps, documents, and any other elements that could give away their affiliation to the red Army.

Similarly, the situation in Afghanistan: going to hunt spirits, and the U.S. special forces soldiers were always dressed in the same uniforms and equipment, on which it was impossible to identify or rank of a soldier, nor, often, even its belonging to the Soviet troops.

The same principle has long repelled and the Russian experts in Syria, who wore camouflage “cartoons” with no insignia, stripes or chevrons.

Спецназ России в Сирии «перестал прятаться»

Odnako, literally the 8th of August, this long-term trend was suddenly broken, when the lenses of journalists in Syria were the fighter of special troops FSB (most likely from the unit “Alfa”), the form of which openly hung the emblem of his unit, as well as Chevron Federal Security Service.

Kind of the icing on the cake was that as the weapon of the soldier was a brand new AK-12, which was first embodied in the conditions of actual combat. For Network users, the picture made a strong enough impression — naked chevrons, new weapons, and the relaxed pose of the soldier as if to say “now this is our neighborhood — and to fear there’s nothing for us”.

However, what linked all these innovations clearly yet to say it does not. The most likely reason is the proximity of the end of the war. In conditions, when most of the terrorists are already defeated, operations of special forces, by and large, are beginning to be to shallow patrols and raids. In such circumstances, getting shot by allies who didn’t recognize you “own”, it becomes much easier than from a rare and clogged in the dens of the militants.

Our military has ceased to fight incognito – all stripes and titles suddenly become clear to the entire world.

Спецназ России в Сирии «перестал прятаться»

But this is a signal not Erdogan. This is a very clear signal to the Trump. Moreover, not a hint, but a very specific requirement – move your PMC to hell, but otherwise “the sky is the limit” seem.

Russia finally learned the rules of the game in world politics. She saw through the rules of events in the international tent.

After all, what is really going on?

Assorted international clowns hiding behind masks quite tricky, in the end suddenly hold the G-7 without Putin, and that’s something to discuss and condemn the actions of Russia and its senior management. And like all of them are different, and in fact all the same.

And hatred of our country they have the same envy and identity. First in the list of haters – the US and the UK, but more specifically, the entire British crown, consisting of 53 States. Makes no sense to list – on the Internet you will find, but the first is always the U.S., and therefore all the forces of Russia against them.

We need a very good geopolitical arguments which could become a commodity in global trading between Russia and the United States. Until recently, it seemed that it would be Afghanistan. But the latest news is unexpected – the United States close down five military bases in Afghanistan, at the same time denying Russia is a weighty political arguments.

But autumn is always the time of trading… And breaking destinies of individuals and entire empires, recall, 17 of the last century.

At stake – Cuba – the most powerful of the Russian argument against the United States. And by the way Venezuela is also an argument because the “Gauges” can be placed there. And if anyone forgot and Nicaragua, with the question of construction of the “Nicaragua canal”.

The most important thing we should pay attention – all winning “trump card” of Russia suddenly moved away from our borders and ended up in another part of the world.

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