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Russian science is dangerous

Российская наука — это смертельно опасно

Continue, Elon Musk. 78-year-old scientist Valery Mitko, specializing in the Arctic, was accused of treason. The scientist says that just gave a lecture in one of the Chinese universities. How do you like that? This is our science news.

How true mark evil tongues, we can be no SpaceX, as Musk would dominial the first time — for PayPal.

Russian science — it’s just a few and poor, it is deadly. In what other country’s state news could write an article “high-profile case of treason against scientists in the space industry over the last 20 years”? We have — please.

In the United States — that’s a big achievement, and we have high-profile cases. That makes all the difference.

As they fabricate? Very simple. A year and a half, the FSB monitors scientists, rummaging in his Luggage and in the end finds a reason for doing. This means not only tracking the particular specialist in the Arctic, just him this time no luck, someone stars swelled and itched.

Russian science: from prison and scrip not promise.

But, as said lifetime President Vladimir Putin, we will have a counter-hypersonic missiles. And phlogiston, tachyons and animal magnetism. So we will win.


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