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Russian posters of a fantastic Thriller “Upgrade”

A couple of weeks ago we showed the first official trailer brutal action Upgrade, and now localized posters brought up. In the first case, it seems that the art riveted to our distributors, whereas in the second just adapted the original image. Judge for yourself which is better.

Interestingly, in the advertising campaign of the “Upgrade” was to emerge “venom” pretty devastated pockets of the audience. Movies and really like the plot and the lead actors do look like brothers, but all these mentions of a successful comic book movie give “Transmorphers” and other mockbusters trying to impersonate a movie. If you believe the poster (which in itself is decimated by venom), Russian slogan now reads:

After the “venom” comes “Upgrade”.

But if you look at a recent promo video, you may find that the changed translation: before the main character called himself a “fucking ninja”, and now “fucking Venom”. Here such pies with the symbiote.

Synopsis “Upgrade”:

In the near future, technology and control all the processes of human life. Technophobe when gray loses the attack the gang of thugs wife, and finds himself paralyzed, his only hope for revenge is becoming the latest scientific development. Experimental implant “stem” not only puts gray on his feet, but gives it a modern cyber-brain and superhuman powers.

Director and scriptwriter Lee Wannell, one of the creators of the franchises “Saw” and “Insidious”.

In the cast were noted Tom hardy Logan Marshall-green (“Prometheus”), Richard Cawthorn (series “Wolf pit”), Michael M. foster (“Pacific”), Betty Gabriel (“Off”), Harrison Gilbertson (“Hounds of love”), Benedict hardy (“the Light in the ocean”) and others.

The Russian premiere will take place on 22 November 2018.

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