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Russian politician has compared Putin with Stalin

Российский политик сравнил Путина со СталинымRussian politician and human rights activist Lev Shlosberg noted that the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not comparable for the amount of spilled blood with the regime of Joseph Stalin, but has with him the same roots.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin was held as a political phenomenon. This was stated by Russian politician and human rights activist Lev Shlosberg.

“Putin is collective. It’s not Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin this year of birth with that size of boots and such fingerprints. It is a political phenomenon, it is the system. People in this system act on those reflexes, which in this system are enclosed. Grasp reflex this system – reflex arrests of independent people, the initiation of cases through testimony under torture is an integral part of this system,” he said.

The human rights activist said that Putin’s name became a symbol of how the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

“Stalin – this is already a symbolic name. When you say “Stalinist repression”, it is not only because the red crayon Stalin went through all the protocols of the Politburo and on specific letters increased the number of executions without trial and the number of exiles in the colonies, but because the whole system is a Stalinist system” – he explained.

Schlossberg added that Russia has built the “Putin system”.

“Yes, we can say that Putin’s system is Stalin-Lite. Just the amount of blood spilled is not comparable with a 37-m year. But all the genetic roots of this system are the same, incidentally, is a Leninist roots. I never tire of repeating that when we talk about the de-Stalinization of Russia, look around, see how many monuments to Lenin, how Lenin, how Lenin squares. Finally has not disappeared Leningrad oblast. And until then, until complete de-Sovietization and, sorry, this is a new word “deleninizatsii”, the state will not be able to get the Bolshevik scabs”, – said the politician.

According to Schlossberg, the Putin system is rooted, too, is Bolshevism.

“This is all the Bolsheviks. This is all the heirs of Felix. I recently read a remark from a person in connection with the discussion about where the monument to Dzerzhinsky. This is for them a symbol. The question is not even, return the monument to Lubyanka in front of the building or is it somewhere to stand. It is their brace is the Foundation of their consciousness” – he concluded.

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