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Russian policeman while on vacation in Hong Kong, arrested more than 20 protesters

Российский омоновец, находясь в отпуске в Гонконге, задержал свыше 20 протестующих

In Hong Kong, the local authorities were awarded 41-year-old Russian fighter of the riot police, who on their own initiative took part in the crackdown on protesters, while on vacation.

According to Alexey M., he took part in street fights almost by accident – while the man and his wife vacationing in a hotel, the confrontation moved to their quarter. Went out this morning to the store and not enough sleep, the fighter saw people chanting slogans in support of human rights and in defense of political prisoners. After that, he had in mind “something clicked” and he didn’t even know, as has already started to perform the usual duties.

“I’m in the first thirty seconds didn’t even realize that there is no equipment. Just something clicked in my head, for some fractions of a second mobilized and went to them. Came to himself, taking two in a paddy wagon. Asians, they are very lightweight, packing them as children. And then I realize that the paddy wagon then and there, was wide awake now, you might say. I ran up to the police, I gave them detainees,” he said.

Riot policemen added that the local police quickly oriented in a situation and did not try to detain him. Alexey, having realized the situation fully, he decided not to throw foreign colleagues, who also lost to numerical troublemakers, sent his wife to the hotel and helped to arrest about two dozen people. Unfortunately, half an hour later he got an empty plastic bottle in the shoulder and he lost consciousness.

Woke up the Russians in a private hospital. Later the man extended his tourist visa and rent a hotel and presented with a commendation from the local police Department.

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