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Russian poet masterfully ridiculed “fight” Poroshenko and Saakashvili

Российский поэт мастерски высмеял «схватку» Порошенко и СаакашвилиNew job Orlose.

In today’s poem by Russian poet Andrei Orlov (Orlusha) compared the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the leader of the party “movement novih forces,” Saakashvili from butting rams. Benefit from the events that took place on September 10 at the Western border of Ukraine, can draw only in the Kremlin, believes Orlusha.

On the border early in the morning
We met two sheep.

To explain details to:
The first was the head of the herd,
Led the whole herd behind him
Overnight and slaughter,
To the slaughterhouse
Never came,
Said that friendly with NATO
In General, all led by the nose,
Strong forehead, looks tricky
They call him Petro.

About the second I have to say:
He is not local, he is from the Caucasus,
There he skewers waiting
Misha then his name.
About “call” – not said in vain,
In our farm it was called,
Not to torture the wolf
Flocks of the black sea,
So the order he brought
All corruption plagued.
Who called? Petro called out.
Hugged and kissed,
Hugged, cheered,
The bell gave
Blue to know, the bastards:
Our sheep! Such as it should!

Friendship is over. Sometimes…
The bell taken away,
He had once been – the reward
And it’s not what we need,
Conclusion: turn in at the same time
And peace- – go to the Caucasus!
(here about the Mat the law does not put
It is – in the sense of “peacefully blow”)

The days flew. Further – more.
Well, the border with Poland,
Where early in the morning
We met two sheep…

Misha shouted: “Open!”
Peter: “the Bell hand it over!”
– “If you want to take!”
“To mine the barn!”
“I’m going home bizwiz!”
– “Get out of hell?”

Watched the news themselves?
Then they ran into each other,
I see people from different countries:
Here is a sheep, and then sheep,
Noise is neselovskiy,
Next we hear the cry of sheep,
The herd began to cry
The habit: “Julia – get out!”

Someone will say: I would need to know,
Who you calling here “the herd”?
Meet you friends:
The flock I call
Those who followed the sheep
The RAM rushing battering RAM
Those who followed others,
Menacing bleats: “Protect!”
Protect who and what?
Not from “ihtamnet” in the ATO
Not legless veterans
And sheep from sheep.
Who is responsible for what? Who planted?
To cry, to bleat or neigh?
All clubs chronicity?
Re-election to appoint?
However, the reason is very strange:
Well, quarreled sheep…
Well, cuckolded…
I, too, found the enemy!
The enemy is everywhere! For example,
The same corrupt…

…And yet the shepherd in Moscow
Called into the office of the Kremlin
Custody – a couple of regiments
Peacekeeping wolves
Says: “get Ready, brothers!
There rams will fight,
We are waiting for such a long time,
There we will enter
And let the border control
The sheep can only dream of,
No regrets there efforts
The seizure of Saakashvili
Two weeks wait
Georgians will give
So – neither myself nor the people
It’s what we love!

What I want to say in the final?
I want people to know:
They fuss necessary
To hide in the smoke
Democracy, freedom,
Their vile breed
Sea of bribes and kickbacks,
Hundreds of raids,
Deputy children cars,
Rudeness, yachts, jewelry, dachas…
What else lies beyond the fog?
Medicine, school, Crimea,
Pensions for those who are old
The humiliation of the Tatars,
They are also there in the smoke, not seen,
Not seen – not hurt!

But we won
Terrible Saakashvili
(if Julia – even two!),
Collapsed forces their new “Rukh”,
It is no wonder that early in the morning
We met two sheep!

Off news screen
Who does not understand, he – RAM!

© 2017, All rights reserved.

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