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Russian media said that Putin’s regime must be destroyed

Российский певец заявил, что путинский режим необходимо уничтожитьLebedinsky appealed to Ukrainians.

Russian musician Alexei Lebedinsky (“Professor Lebedinskiy”) believes that it is important to combine into one pool of the Russian position of journalists in order to influence the regime of Vladimir Putin.

“I spoke with the main opposition journalists, they all agree to work in the same pool. I spoke with everyone who writes, and absolutely we are all one and the same opinion, we are all the same position. We can make a large fist,” – said the musician.

He noted that in this pool can work Ukrainian and Belarusian journalists.

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“From around the world, citizens of the Russian Federation, citizens of Ukraine, we all cheer for the fact that this tumor finally got off of the Russian people and all the other States that interfere with the lives of the Putin regime. I think the only way is the unification,” said Lebedinsky.

He also stressed that Putin’s regime must be destroyed.

“I believe that we need to radically fight, the whole tumor should be easy to neutralize. If she will shoot, it must be destroyed. But to be disarmed, send to the international court in the Hague, behind bars and say that they did against the Russian, Ukrainian and other peoples of the world”, – said the musician.

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In addition, Lebedinsky said that Putin is not Russia.

“I can say: “Ukrainians, forgive me for my people.” But I can’t say that all these freaks who support the war against Ukraine – it is my people. It is not my people. And Putin is not Russia. Russia – this is me and my friends, people who Ukraine 100% support,” he added.

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