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Russian media cheered the fables about the Russian roots of trump

Российские СМИ развеселили баснями о русских корнях ТрампаThe trump attribute to kinship with the dynasty of Rurik.

Russian media have reported that the pedigree of the new US President Donald trump may lead to the Rurik dynasty in Russia.

Write about it on Twitter the Team of Zina Portnova, publishing a photo of the cover of the weekly “Secrets of the XX century” for December of 2016.

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On the cover next to a photo of the new U.S. President flaunts the title “trump, a descendant of Rurik?”.

“Started”, signed in the aforementioned Twitter photo.

“And from the looks of her, rather he was a descendant of cartoonish Scrooge McDuck”, “the tramp — the first abortion parents of Putin”, “these are stupid. Do not understand that their hands bring impeachment trump. But they live in another dimension, you see”, “trump is a descendant of the Yorick”, “Donald king!” — comment on other Twitter users.

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