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Russian lady in California arrested an armed robber American

Русская продавщица в Калифорнии задержала вооружённого американского грабителя


58-year-old native of Altai, the village Aktash Zinaida Z., residing in California on a green card, were able to neutralize the criminal who robbed several small shops in Malibu and Santa Monica. The woman stays in the States the first year and works as both a cashier and a salesman in a small retail outlet. As stated in the police report, the store on 5th Avenue broke a criminal in a mask, armed with a bladed weapon, presumably a knife. He immediately demanded that the woman empty the register and give him all the money. The clerk was not scared, waiting for the moment of loss of concentration criminal, got hidden under the counter, a frying pan and whacked her bandit. After that, the woman tied him up and called the police. After the arrival of the guardians of the rule of law remains only to bring the attacker to the police. It was the 23-year-old unemployed of long beach, previously wanted for a series of armed attacks on shops and garages. The police could not find the culprit a few months, until it was neutralized immigrant from Russia. She Zinaida Z. commented on the feat simply: “we Have to Altay any woman can give a man in the head”.

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