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Russian journalist and outspoken about the bloody terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

Российский журналист откровенно высказался о кровавом теракте в ПитереOpposition journalist of the Russian Federation called the Russian special services “proprietary freaks”.

Well-known opposition Russian journalist Alexander the Centurion expressed his opinion about what happened in the subway of St. Petersburg explosions. He blamed the intelligence agencies that they could not know about the planned attack beforehand and to save people, despite the fact that they have “absolute power”.

The corresponding statement Sasha Sotnik published on his page in Facebook.

“I in no way want to speculate on a hot and bloody theme, I’m not going to say anything and comment. I will not even hint at the reputation of the Kremlin in connection with the incident and draw Parallels with historical events… But… the authorities in Russia for 17 years there are special services. Security forces. Seventeen fucking years. Everywhere frames, guards, endless cops and people in uniform. Go, glaring, stop, check documents, charité charité charité probing and viewing. They have – there are a shitload of power. Absolute power. They are all-powerful. And suddenly – kaboom! – explosions in the subway. How so?”, – exclaimed the Centurion.

He made several assumptions regarding how the security services could prevent a terrorist attack.

“How could you lose, clap, blink? You are Almighty, you, hell, the whole world trembles at your behest, Iskander’s going to be up and punished, who should be…And there is a terrorist attack. Either you are fit only to pressing business and drive youth the Yes students to drag women by the hair and to fabricate the case against liberal glasses – then in the hell do you all surrendered together with his comprehensive power…Or… In any case, you – brand-name freaks, and your place on the political garbage and not in the special offices of the Kremlin”, – the journalist wrote.

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