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Russian-Iranian alternative to Suez: as disappears the dominance of the West

Российско-иранская альтернатива Суэцу: как исчезает доминирование Запада

Russian-Iranian alternative to Suez: as disappears the dominance of the West

Российско-иранская альтернатива Суэцу: как исчезает доминирование Запада

The Iranian TV channel reported that in November, Russia, India and Iran will make the decision to launch the international transport corridor “North-South”. Its length will amount to 7.2 thousand kilometers involving rail and water transport.

The goods will go from India to the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf coast, then in Bandar-Anzali on the Caspian sea coast, where will you go by sea to Astrakhan, and then by rail to Europe.

The corridor will be a cheaper and shorter alternative to the Suez canal: the time and cost of transportation will decrease by 30-40 percent. For example, when compared with the Suez canal, the goods from Mumbai to Moscow on the corridor “North — South” will arrive in 20 days. It is planned that in a year the new road will pass 20-30 million tons of cargo.

…In fact, 30 million tons per year is less than the monthly load of Suez, but this is a lot, strictly speaking. Moreover, the “North — South” is just one of the projects of the Chinese-creation of the concept “new silk road”.

At the moment humanity is living, of course, in an amazing era, the likes of which happens once in many centuries.

When twenty (or even ten) years ago talked about the hegemony of the West in the world as an eternal phenomenon, that opinion was quite serious rational arguments. And it is no coincidence that this view is supported not only his supporters but also many tough opponents.

She had two main arguments. In-the first, catastrophic technological lag behind the West all other countries and civilization. And secondly, the control of the West the world’s major trade routes.

To overcome this gap many not possible – too huge he looked. And from these basic themes rebuilt the hopelessness of the backlog and other issues: the economy, politics, military field etc.

And now for some several years right in front of all this hegemony is falling apart, and not only the “superstructure” and “basis”.

It turned out that, on the one hand, scientific and technological gap is not insurmountable – with the efforts and resources. Moreover, breakthroughs are possible in areas where the West will start to lag markedly (for example, Russian developments in the field of electronic warfare).



And on the other hand, it is possible to create alternative trade routes, which can become a real competitor of the former and eliminate the monopoly of the West on this issue.

And if ten years ago all such plans that have been voiced then, seemed unscientific fantasy and caused most of the mockery, but now it is quickly becoming a reality, whether a New silk road, the Northern Sea route, corridor “North-South” and a few actively developed and implemented by transport corridors.

Moreover, the fundamental feature of all these projects is that they jointly implement the country which has historically enjoyed a difficult – to put it mildly – relationship. Moreover, in the previous century, the West wisely used the contradictions to play off these States among themselves – and, consequently, to promote its own hegemony.

Now the West made former opponents (and sometimes just enemies) to unite efforts in countering it.

However, the struggle against something or someone not too reliable Foundation for cooperation is too situational.

But the creation (even if initially largely involuntary) a very dense network of cooperation (and the value of transport and logistics routes here cannot be overstated) creates a much more reliable and solid Foundation for the future than a common enemy.

And, of course, impossible to ignore the very optimistic picture emerges if these projects will be fully implemented. After all, the creation of a world political-economic system in which Russia will keep at least a “blocking stake” in transportation and logistics and military spheres, promises our country at least several centuries of prosperity.

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