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Russian Internet trolls dezinformiruet British teenagers

Российские интернет-тролли дезинформируют британских подростков

Russian Internet trolls on social networks are a disinformation campaign British teenagers, says RBC with reference to the newspaper The Times.

The creators of the fake accounts who tried to manipulate the opinion of the British boys and girls described themselves as “Harry Potter fans” or used the images of celebrities, such as actress Emma Watson.

In addition, thousands of young Britons, according to research by American specialists, was involved in a disinformation campaign by “the Kremlin-funded” Youtube channel, which was described as “blue Peter Russian propaganda” (“the Blue Peter of Russian propaganda”). The author of this channel, according to the newspaper, “trying to create confusion” regarding the poisoning in Salisbury, the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

“What they do is political war in the industrialized scale, and it is aimed at all of Western democracy,” — commented on the actions of Internet trolls an employee of Clemson University in South Carolina Darren outside linville.

The actions of trolls in social networks, as it became known to experts, was coordinated by the Agency for Internet studies from St. Petersburg. It is, as found out in the past year, RBC was one of the legal entities “Troll factory”, which allegedly sponsored a St. Petersburg businessman Evgeny Prigozhin (the entrepreneur relationship with the “factory” has repeatedly denied).


American researchers found out that one of the accounts created using this Agency, tried to appeal to Western teenagers, positioning it and its author as a supporter of gay rights. Published on the Internet Troll the message with the text: “from time to Time in the class needs a small drama”, according to analysts, motivated students “political protests to disrupt lessons.”

In the messages of the other fake accounts allegedly admirer of Sylvia Platt mingled quotations from poems of the poetess, pictures of Emma Watson and positions critical of American intervention in Syria, where Russia supports the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the newspaper specifies.

The other Troll accounts, according to experts, tried to win the attention of young feminists, environmental activists and lovers of European troops. Many of the posted fake messages, as acknowledged by the researchers, was “harmless”. On the fake pages, according to them, often published “memes” — pictures with humorous images that spread quickly on the Internet.

In General, in campaigns of disinformation, according to the researchers, participated 2848 of Twitter accounts. Also associated with this program pictures published in Instagram and Tumblr. The most “Intrusive attempt of Russia to inspire young Britons” sides Times called “the Kremlin-sponsored” Youtube channel called ICYMI. Its author — the blogger Polly Boiko, as reminds the edition, accused the British government of hypocrisy regarding human rights and declared that the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, in her opinion, should be allies.

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