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Russian hospitals are cutting staff because of the may decrees

Российские больницы сокращают медперсонал из-за майских указов

Ranepa: the Russian hospitals are cutting staff because of the may decrees

Russian hospitals are reducing Junior staff for the implementation of presidential decrees on increasing salaries. This was announced by the experts of the Ranepa.

The Institute’s report “the Execution of may decrees of 2012” refers to how health institutions fulfilled the decree of the President about increase of salaries of medical workers. Vladimir Putin instructed to increase the salaries of doctors up to the level of 200% of the average for the region, and salaries of Junior staff — nurses and nurses — to the level of 100%.

The report, citing data from Rosstat noted that since the salaries of health workers increased in nominal terms by 1.9 times. With 2012 the number of Junior staff in hospitals and clinics fell by more than 2 times, with 687 thousand to 299 thousand of Doctors was less than 3%. The experts of the Ranepa, noted that in reality people were reduced not in such numbers. Most of them were transferred to other positions, for example, nurses officially became a cleaners. They continued to do the same work, but companies were not obligated to increase their salaries. In addition, after the transfer of the nurses lost the right to additional holiday and shortened work week.


According to experts, this situation is due to the fact that in the decree have the same bound on the minimum wages for skilled and unskilled personnel. In practice the same amount to pay it is impossible, just because of the difference in qualifying.

According Ranepa, the decree won the physicians and state employees from other areas: teachers of preschool and secondary vocational institutions, as well as school teachers.

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