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Russian horror “mermaid. Lake of the dead” has got the third trailer

You do not want to blame anybody, but this trailer looks worse than the first two.

That is quite strange, because, as a rule, from trailer to trailer PR people try to make ads bigger and more attractive, they were to strive for this and in the case of the film “mermaid. Lake of the dead”? In fact best of all is the caption “from the Director of movies “the Queen of spades: Black rite” and “Bride”, the rest of the emphasis was, why it made the demonstration of the inferior CGI effects.

Alarming and feedback from our comrades who were on a special pre-premiere screening of the film held last week. Among them were, including, and people who can be called fans of the previous works of the Director Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo such bias is not exactly incriminating. And they say…

From a technical point of view, more or less, is properly removed. Plot and script – complete the bottom. In addition, the rating will go 12+. No blood, but there is a cheesy happy ending for the near TP.

But we do not put an end to the project, just wait when this movie will still be released – 12 July 2018. And while watching and discussing the new trailer.

Our time. A young couple encounters a mysterious paranormal events — like something infernal invaded their lives. It’s like they’re cursed. Trying to understand what they are pursuing, the main character suddenly finds out that her boyfriend met on the shore of lake of a strange young girl, and then with each day it becomes worse and worse. Heroes find out what it is behaving like mermaids — not buried drowned, wishing to take revenge on the world. The heroine is forced to fight with a mystical creature — because the mermaid is back at her boyfriend again and again until you get it forever…

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