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Russian hackers hacked into the servers of the German Bundestag

Российские хакеры взламывали серверы немецкого БундестагаGermany has accused Russia of launching cyber attacks on the servers of the Bundestag in 2015.

This statement was made head of the German intelligence Hans-Georg Maassen, speaking at the European Police Congress in Berlin.

“Today, cyberspace is used by our opponents and foreign intelligence services. Since 2007, we note a significant activity of foreign special services in the virtual space, which is used for the same that is done in the real world of espionage, sabotage, disinformation, influence operations” said Maassen. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We see this in the so-called APT (Advanced Persistent Threat, high-tech long-term risk) which are of Russian origin and cause of particular concern APT28 and APT29,” added Oil. According to him, “APT28 was responsible in 2015 for the leakage of data during cyber attacks on the Bundestag”. “We believe that this event of the Russian track,” says Maassen.

“We don’t know where you got the data what kind of data and how they can be used,” he said, and added that “the experience of American elections” suggests that this information “can be used as incriminating evidence or to influence political movements or sentiments.”

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