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Russian gymnast crashed in the Belarusian circus. Video

Российская гимнастка разбилась в белорусском цирке. ВидеоThe artist has a broken arm and mild concussion.

In the Belarusian state circus during a performance of “the Show of giant fountains. Amazing city” has fallen gymnast.

Maria Shulgina, speakers paired with Evgeny Pisarev, performed a “quick change” without insurance. According to the footage, filmed by a witness, she slipped hands during interception. She fell from about the height of the third floor, say eyewitnesses. After the fall the gymnast carried from the arena on his hands and was taken to the Hospital emergency room.

The view is not interrupted, the administration of the circus announced to the public that the gymnast is alive and is conscious

After admission it appeared that the actress broke her arm and received a mild concussion.

As you know, several years ago an accident happened to the artist of the famous French circus Cirque du Soleil. Then, Gear-Guillot died during a performance of “Ka” in Las Vegas, fell from 15 meters high.

31-year-old Gear-Guillot was performing complex acrobatic trick under the dome entertainment complex MGM Grand in Las Vegas, when he lost his balance and fell. The audience did not immediately understand what happened, noted by the media, and decided that the fall – also part of the performance.

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