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Russian “grushnikov” caught in a lie

Российских "грушников" поймали на лжиMany questions were raised about the route of the “tourists”.

Russians Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov, suspected of poisoning family Skrobala in the UK, three times lied, telling on the propaganda channel about their trip to Salisbury. According to analysts, with the confusion in the testimony is the negligent attitude of the Russian special services to the development of the legends for their agents.

False “grushnikov” experts analyzed InformNapalm. The interviewee claimed to do business. If this were so, an individual entrepreneur Ruslan Bashirov or legal person of the founder by Bocharovym you can find in the public registers. Such data is not. Moreover, Google’s search engine does not know about the entrepreneur Bashirova working in the field of sports nutrition.

Another crash happened when in an interview talking about the perfume bottle, which was transporting the toxic substance “Beginner”. Bashirov hinted that he carry women’s perfume could not. Notable here is that the interviewee nobody said the case featured is a woman’s and not men’s perfume.

Agency The Insider has discovered a glaring inaccuracy in the testimony, when Bashirov and Petrov began to tell me about the weather in Salisbury. They claimed that on the day of their arrival was a heavy snowfall, “filled up almost all of the city”, “water on the knee”, “it is impossible to go anywhere”. Weather services and photos of Salisbury from that period have shown that no precipitation nor the third, nor the fourth of March in Salisbury was not, and the snowfall ended March 2.

In addition, many questions were raised about the route of the “tourists”, the Interviewee arrived allegedly for the sake of admiring the Cathedral city of Salisbury, the Cathedral not logged in, and straight from the station went to the area where the house is located Skrobala. This is evidenced by the maps produced rtvi.

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