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Russian gasoline in Kazakhstan is two times cheaper than at home

Российский бензин в Казахстане стоит в два раза дешевле, чем на родине

The Russians from the border with Kazakhstan regions refuel with gasoline in the neighboring country, where a liter of AI-92 costs 26.50 rubles. The most unusual thing about this is that it is the Russian gasoline.

“We in Kazakhstan, 15 kilometers from Orenburg region. I made 75 gallons, paid 1900 rubles. A liter of gasoline costs 145 tenge. The biggest joke is that gasoline is Russian. And gas, too. All the Russians here made his own gasoline. Russian rubles gas is $ 10, gasoline — 26,50 roubles. It is just amazing. Just a mess, what we are doing in Russia,” says the author of the video, which today published a telegram-channel “Moustaches of Peskov”.

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Video shot at the gas station Qazaq Gaz in Aktobe, on the border with Russia.

Similar low gasoline prices can be seen at gas stations Kazakhstan Russian company “Gazpromneft”. “AI-95 “Gazpromneft” is in the range of 170 tenge (around 28 rubles) per liter. In General, the run-up in prices on the 95th in Kazakhstan — from 155 to 175 tenge,” — said Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, a frequent visitor to Kazakhstan.

For comparison, at the gas station in Russia on 22 June, the AI-92 gasoline costs an average of 41,58 ruble, AI-95 — 44,88 ruble.

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Yesterday at session of the government with participation of first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov, it was decided not to renew the agreement between the government and oil companies in Russia on control over prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

The agreement expires on 1 July. The government and fuel Corporation have agreed on the words that the rise in gasoline prices will not exceed inflation.

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