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Russian cosmonaut was denied a promotion because of American wife

Российскому космонавту отказали в служебном росте из-за жены-американки

New post Yuri Malenchenko involves access to confidential information

The security service of the Roscosmos had not approved the post of first Deputy head of the cosmonaut training Center (TSPK) cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko because of American wife, RIA Novosti reported, citing three sources in the space industry.

An American citizen of Russian origin Yekaterina Dmitriyeva Malenchenko got married in 2003. The ceremony was the first wedding in space. The bride was in the mission control Center in Houston (Texas), the groom — in flight on the International space station. Documents on marriage from Malenchenko signed the American lawyer.

“His candidacy has not passed the approval procedure in the security service of the Roscosmos because of the nationality of the wife”, — said the Agency interlocutor. He explained that the wife of the astronaut Ekaterina Dmitrieva is an American citizen, and as the Deputy implies access to the confidential information. This information was confirmed by two other sources.

On the website of the CPC Malenchenko are now listed as the first Deputy chief of the cosmonauts ‘ training, but in fact he is in the position of Advisor to the chief of CTC, serving as first Deputy.

Information about the difficulties with the appointment of a cosmonaut Malenchenko confirmed the head of the cosmonaut training center Pavel Vlasov. “The issue for almost a year. While he’s in that condition is not approved,” he said.
According to him, in this respect to Malenchenko as Advisor assigned additional work to oversee the training of astronauts with execution of the order.

Malenchenko was born on December 22, 1961 in Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region of the Ukrainian SSR. Is a military pilot 3rd class, on his account — more than 830 flight hours and more than 150 parachute jumps. In the cosmonaut detachment he was enrolled in 1987. For the space career Malenchenko made six space flights lasting 827 days 9 hours 22 minutes. He is in second place in the ranking among astronauts and cosmonauts on the total duration of the flight, giving a little cosmonaut Gennady Padalka.

In addition to space wedding, Malenchenko memorable participation in advertising. During the fourth space flight again while on the ISS, the astronaut got in touch with one of the Ukrainian TV channels and congratulated the viewers with the upcoming 2008 year. Saying a toast on the background of the Ukrainian flag, he took a SIP from the bottle, which he called “Ukrainian souvenir” and pointed to a brand of alcoholic beverages. “Mr. Yuri, is it real vodka?” — asked him a TV presenter, but the astronaut left the question unanswered.

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