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Russian contractors are trying to avoid “mission” in the Donbass

Российские контрактники стараются избежать «командировок» на Донбасс Managed to restore the “track record” of the Russian military.

Russian contract soldiers of the last war in the Donbass, trying to avoid further service in the districts and the compounds most frequently involved in “Ukrainian business trips”, says the investigation of the volunteer community InformNapalm.

OSINT-intelligence found in the profile of some of Arthur Arsenov the photo uploaded in October 2014. The photo shows two soldiers sitting on riding on the highway BTR-80 with mounted cargo and review “Ukrainian…”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On the basis of the study author’s profile photo, managed to establish his identity, and to recover and track the “track record” of past Russian soldiers from the 7th occupation base in Abkhazia before the 60th motorized rifle brigade, stationed in the far East of Russia.

Russian military Bagavos Arthur was born 22 December 1990. His family live in the city of Kislovodsk in Stavropol Krai.

Based on the analysis of photos and some comments on the photo album Baganova, in 2014, the status of contract soldiers, he served in the company of snipers on the 7th Russian occupation basis (/h 09332, Gudauta, Georgia occupied Abkhazia) of the southern military district.

From late spring, consisting of battalion tactical group of the 7th in a/b, was at the Ashuluk firing range in Astrakhan region, where the division was first deployed in Rostov region and in Ukraine.

Российские контрактники стараются избежать «командировок» на Донбасс

Bagavos retired from military service in late September or early October 2014. “The reason for the termination of the contract, most likely, the fear of sending another “Ukrainian trip”, and on employee turnover and mass layoffs of contractors with the 7th Russian occupation base InformNapalm reported more than once”, – volunteers write.

After almost two years of pause, not finding something in the civilian world, nostalgic for the army of Baganov again signed a contract with the Russian defense Ministry on a contract service, but away from Ukraine and their native lands – in the reconnaissance company of the battalion intelligence 60-th separate motorized rifle brigade (in/h 16871, village of Kamen-Rybolov (Primorsky Krai, Khanka R-n).

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