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Russian city topped the ranking of the most extreme places to live

Российские города возглавили рейтинг самых экстремальных мест для жизни

Yakutsk and Oymyakon has taken first place in the list of the most extreme places to live in the world, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais. Second place the experts gave the Russian town of Verkhoyansk.

According to the compilers of the list in Yakutsk the most extreme climate: in winter the temperature reaches -40 °C and in summer rises to +29°C. in the description of the village of Oymyakon is mentioned that in 1926, the temperature there reached -71,2°C. the penetration of the Verkhoyansk due to the fact that it is the city with the most rapid changes in temperature: the highest temperature was +37°C, and the lowest was equal to -69,8°C.

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The list also hit other cities, writes “Kommersant”. The hottest is called the Mexican San Luis Rio Colorado with a temperature of 59.5°C. the Most hard-to-reach La Rinconada, Peru, located at an altitude of 5099 m above sea level.

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