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Russian children began to play coronavirus

Российские дети начали играть в коронавирус

A resident of Kaluga said witnessed new children’s role play — “the coronavirus”.

Reports the publication of “Kaluga lens” published a column about the coronavirus, which refers to the cases of xenophobia because of the fear of the townspeople to become infected. In the comments to the post on Facebook local resident Margarita Osina said that in the Kaluga children invented a game based on the spread of new infections.

“Yesterday, someone’s children in the yard playing in the coronavirus. Not for the first time observed. They are divided into “cases” and “doctors” and start to “panic”. Kind of like a “treat” each other while yelling the whole court: “Ahhh, they have the coronavirus. They should be treated!“ Children lying on the ground, “sick” on the swings and on the benches. Their “cure” and then [the participants] switch roles. So, quite reliably play”, — said kaluzhanka.

According to official data, in the Kaluga region contracted the coronavirus while there is no special quarantine measures are introduced.

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