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Russian blitz: wage arrears

Российский блиц: задолженности по заработной плате

If today you still consistently receive a salary, not the fact that the same problem does not come knocking in your door tomorrow.


Perm Krai:
Different enterprises and organizations in Perm region owes to its employees about 17 million rubles. Such data leads PERMSTAT.
— On July 1, the total wage arrears amounted to 16.9 million rubles, — reported in PERMSTAT. Compared with June 1, it increased 2.3 times.
The greatest amount in two areas — management of real estate and mineral production: 8.1 million and 6.3 million rubles, respectively.
— All existing debt was formed from-for absence of own means at the organisations commented in PERMSTAT.
Due to delays in salary suffered 515 residents of the province. [1]


Bryansk firm did not pay its employees several months of salaries. Debt to 18 employees in excess of 2 million rubles.
In Prosecutor’s office of Fokinsky area of Bryansk city reported that the head of the company was brought to administrative responsibility. The fine amounted to 32 thousand rubles. [2]


Arkhangelsk region:
Workers of educational institutions of the region have underpaid more than 17 million rubles. The Prosecutor’s office checks NARFU: teachers receive less salary by Prosecutors during inspections with representatives of the Arkhangelsk interregional trade Union organization revealed numerous violations of labor laws. In particular, the mass of the underpayment in the calculation of workers of educational institutions the area of wages, including the period of paid leave.After the Prosecutor’s intervention, the total amount accrued to employees of the funds amounted to more than 17 million rubles. [3]

Voronezh oblast:
The members of the municipal unitary enterprise “Borisoglebskoe” appealed to the Prosecutor’s office about violations of their labour rights. They said that for the past two months have not been paid. About it reported in a press-Department service.
Without the provisions of law, the money was 22 employees. The wages they received either in may or in June. Debt amounted to 290 thousand rubles. District Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit and filed the application for the recovery from the company debt. In addition, the head of the MUP made a representation to eliminate violations of labour legislation.
Until full payment of the wage situation at the enterprise remains in control of the prosecution. [4]


Republic Of Khakassia:
In Khakassia dorozhniki, have not received salaries for more than six months, announced the intention to block the Federal highway R-257 (Yenisei) in the heart of the Montenegrin mountains. Another way to draw attention to their distress the people involved in the reconstruction of specified roads (with 389 at 397 km) today do not see.
At the end of June because of salary debts, the workers decided to suspend road works, but fundamentally it changed nothing. The user still does not hear the workers ‘ demands on debt repayment. Moreover, and in direct, and figurative sense. Road builders don’t know how to get in touch with the employer.

In the contracts with them was in employment, the employer is LLC “Hanasatocho” in the person of the Manager, OOO “Group of companies “Seysmosteady” Sadigov Nasimi Allahverdi Oglu. But Mr. Sadigov, according to slogger has gone missing. [5]

About 20 former employees of the restaurant Black Star Burger complained to the employer due to wage arrears. According to “Rifey-Perm”, on average, each employee needs to 15 thousand rubles. Also, they still have not returned labor book, they are allegedly in Moscow.
The first and only Burger “rapper Timati” closed July 4th. The restaurant was located in BC Lencom. According to the source the restaurant moved out due to problems with payment. The school lasted for 10 months. After the appearance of news about the closure, representatives of the Black Star Burger said that in the next three years in Perm, you may receive up to five of the chain’s restaurants. [6]

Penza region:
This spring, the Supervisory authority pointed out that MUP “Kamensk housing and communal services” owe 83 employees with wages in excess of one million rubles.
In relation to the head of the company, which has been previously violations under the same article of the administrative code of the Russian Federation initiated a case on administrative violation. Resolution of the magistrate, he was fined thirty thousand rubles.
However, this was not the end. The Prosecutor conducted an analysis of the current enterprise situation and found out that the main cause of problems is improper operation for the recovery of receivables, the amount of which exceeded six million rubles.
Supervisory authority was established that in the period when the employees were wage arrears, the company without the consent of the city administration has concluded with three economic entities contracts for the cession of the money debt of more than 1.8 million rubles. As a result of these actions of the MUP have not received this amount. [7]

Orenburg oblast:
Prosecutor Alexander area directed to court statements of claim in protection of the rights of two workers of the businessman who evaded from execution of labor relations and do not pay wages in the amount prescribed by law.
It is established that the businessman has hired two local residents as laborers, but labor contracts with them signed. Using the fact that the workers are employed informally, the employer did not pay them wages, provided housing and food. Total wage arrears amounted to 202 thousand rubles. Workers carry out their labor functions in this mode throughout the year. [8]

Republic Of Karelia:
Arrears of wages were detected in LLC “rainbow”, according to the labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Karelia.
During the audit in respect of LLC “rainbow” was revealed arrears of wages to 14 employees for the period from March to April in the amount of almost 400 thousand rubles.
Perpetrators brought to administrative responsibility for violation of labor laws. [9]

The Republic Of Tatarstan:
In kaybitsky district of Tatarstan LLC “Zolotaya Niva” had not paid the salary of 360 employees. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan.
During the inspection the Supervisory authority has established that 360 employees have not received salaries for April 2019. The total debt exceeded 4.6 million rubles. In addition, the Prosecutor’s office found that employees of “Golden Fields” not paid vacation time. Settlement with a terminated employee also is in violation of the terms. [10]


Novyy Urengoy:
In Novy Urengoy will condemn the individual businessman for non-payment of wages over two months. According to the investigation, in Novy Urengoy man has delayed payments to two employees, consisting with it in labour relations. When the suspect had the financial ability to pay wages. [11]

As we can observe, the delay of wages is beginning to gain momentum in all regions of the country. In the existing capitalist system in Russia for the owners of the means of productionlocal “proprietors” who are confident in their impunity and therefore are taking any frauds for enrichment. In extreme cases, in the form of punishment, it would be “ridiculous” fines of 10-30 thousand rubles, for the millions of wage arrears.


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