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Russian blitz: wage arrears at the beginning of 2020 (part 1)

Российский блиц: задолженности по заработной плате на начало 2020 г. (часть 1)

News Icebreaker have prepared a selection on the subject of debts on payment of wages at the enterprises in Russia in January 2020…. Although every day, through media disinformation Russia, us employees want to prove the contrary: every day Russia spreads “who knows what” — ahead of the United States, China, the USSR and the “front” of the entire planet. But the facts than and different from “vkidyvaem” misinformation, what a stubborn thing, and the concrete can be checked through statistical data and can’t argue with that.
The material was assembled a large, significantly greater than any previously published, and therefore we decided to do it in two parts. Although I am sure that this information is not complete, but only part of it — “top of the iceberg”.

Local authorities will be able to Fund the payment of debts of bankrupt enterprises according to the employees ‘ salaries. This may lead to the departure of employers from liability and will only aggravate the situation with delays of salaries
At the end of 2019, the Russian government approved the bill, allowing to repay the debts on a salary before workers of bankrupt enterprises at the expense of means of budgets of regions and municipalities, said a source in the government confirmed two members of the meeting. We are talking about the Ministry prepared the draft amendments to the law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)”. [1]

Partizansk (Primorsky Krai):
In partizánske, the city’s only enterprise which is specialized in the export of solid household waste was declared bankrupt. Got laid off 61 people. To pay the former officers for six months. In this case, the Bankruptcy Trustee responsibility does not remove. But paying debts is not in a hurry. [2]

Kaluga oblast:
In Interdistrict Department on special Executive manufactures UFSSP of Russia across the Kaluga region on execution there were two proceedings for recovery of debts on labor disputes. As the press service of the Ministry, one of the companies of Kaluga, engaged in various construction work, injustice was done with two employees, a man and a woman. The decision of the court the strojirna ordered to pay former employees 70 and 53 thousand rubles, respectively. These amounts include arrears of wages and compensation for delay and compensation for unused vacation and non-pecuniary damage. Voluntarily the company was in no hurry to fulfill the decision of the court and the bailiffs proceeded to enforcement. [3]

Naberezhnye Chelny (Republic Of Tatarstan):
Educational institution “Vesta” partially repaid the debt on a salary. 40 employees in total were paid to 894 thousand. [4]

Stavropol territory:
Nearly two million rubles debt on wages paid to the head of one of farms in the Petrovsky district of the Stavropol territory at the request of prosecutors.
Labor law violations found during the inspection. In December, 129 workers did not wait for wages. [5]

Perm Krai:
Total wage arrears in the Perm Krai as of January 1, 2020 amounts to 16.9 million, according to the report PERMSTAT. The greatest amount of overdue debt on wages had on the organization of transport (79.1% of the total debt).
The number of employees, to whom organizations have arrears of wages amounted to 248 people. Per worker the amount of arrears was formed in the amount of 68.1 thousand rubles. [6]

24 Jan 2020 was stopped traffic on Bauman street, the driver of the truck, which was parked across the road and tram tracks and requires the payment of a debt on a salary. The man claims that will not leave until he paid. He also says that he has seven children and nothing to feed them.
In TMS Agency “Moscow” said that the traffic on Bauman recovered. What happened to the man, not specified. According to information, now the man faces a fine of 300 thousand rubles. [7]

Chelyabinsk oblast:
The Prosecutor’s office in Chelyabinsk region revealed violations in payment of wages in Krutoyarka rural consumer society. The audit found that as of December 2019, the wage arrears for October — November in front of 4 workers amounted to more than 18 thousand rubles. By results of check the Prosecutor of the area in relation to the legal entity instituted administrative proceedings under part 6 of article 5.27 KoAP of the Russian Federation (non-payment or incomplete payment within the prescribed period wages, other payments in the framework of employment), materials are directed for consideration in State labour inspection in Chelyabinsk region. [8]

Tchaikovsky (Perm region):
Factory “New container technologies” in the city of Tchaikovsky (Perm region) from August 2019 not pay workers ‘ wages. Employees complain that they were sent home with pay two thirds of salary, but required payments they receive.
“People don’t get paid since August. Factory noodles on the ears hang, they have shareholders did not attend the negotiations, the officers can’t unlock the account. The Prosecutor’s office and other authorities know all about this plant, and no one cares,” — said an anonymous user.
JSC “New container technologies” began work in the summer of 2017. On the capacity of the plant was planned to start production of connecting parts of pipelines of oil, gas and energy sectors. For the project of the Perm Krai has attracted 4.4 billion investment.
From October 2019 in respect of JSC “NFT” entered bankruptcy observations. The court on the results of observations scheduled for mid-March. Bankruptcy of companies can achieve more than 30 creditors, the largest of which is PJSC “Sberbank”. Credit the organization has addressed in Arbitration court of Prikamye with the request to recognize the debtor bankrupt in September last year. Sberbank pointed out that the JSC “NFT” owed him more than 2 billion rubles. [9]

Saint Petersburg:
27 January was the first this year meeting of the Commission for promotion of legalization of labor relations and the elimination of wage arrears to employees of organizations located on the territory of the Petrodvorets district. The total amount of debt on tax and other obligatory payments to state non-budgetary funds at the beginning of this year amounted to 2,5 million rubles as of the beginning of 2020, the total amount of arrears of wages decreased by 25%: up to 71.6 million rubles. [10]

According Belgorodskaja, in 2019, the wage arrears were registered in eight organizations. Of these, seven enterprises of non-budget sector working in Belgorod, Shebekino, Stary Oskol, Alexeyev and Krasnogvardeisky districts of the urban area, and one organization in the Graivoronsky district of the city, which has a Federal form of ownership.
Among the debtors the two companies are nearing bankruptcy, one is a procedure of observation, and five work in a regular mode.
In 2019, the state inspectors of work identified 226 violations of labour legislation on wages. On January 1, 2020, the arrears of wages amounted to 9.7 million rubles in two organizations of the region in front of 98 employees. One of these companies is in a bankruptcy stage, and the second is in the process of observation. [11]
The Prosecutor’s office in Novocherkassk defended the rights of 57 employees of OOO “Corona”, which the employer did not pay wages, said on the Agency’s website. The company detained a salary of more than half a million rubles. Perpetrators brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine. [12]

Novyy Urengoy:
JSC “Mechanization” is engaged in excavation work, in 2019 389 owes workers $ 30 million in salary. Money people received in October and November. Note, the main customers of JSC “Mechanization” are “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”. [13]

Republic Of Karelia:
Wage arrears in the organizations of Karelia on a circle of observable kinds of economic activities by 1 January 2020 fell to 51.8 million rubles.
This 7.2 million or 12.2% less than 1 December, according to Kareliastat.
Two years ago debts under the salary have exceeded 100 million rubles.
Debt per worker of enterprises in arrears amounted to 56641 rubles. [14]

Tver oblast:
Since September of last year and at the end of January 2020 at the municipal enterprise “ATP Bielsko” there were arrears of wages to family workers. In this regard, the Prosecutor’s office in Bielsko area brought representation to the Director of the organization, as well as directed to the court 14 statements on a court order for the recovery of arrears of wages which have been considered and satisfied.
Only after intervention of bodies of Prosecutor’s office of administration, Bielsko district were given a grant in the amount of 539 thousand rubles to repay the debt, as well as align the financial situation of the company, i.e. repayment of the debt on tax payments. [15]

In 2019, the bailiffs of the Arctic region in the framework of enforcement proceedings to recover from the employers of more than 206 million rubles. Employees of territorial bodies of the Federal bailiff service instituted enforcement proceedings 3314 of this category in the amount of 309 million 595 thousand rubles. The greatest number of materials for the recovery of wages is on execution in departments of court enforcement officers across the Noyabrsk and Novy Urengoy, the lowest in the OSP in Salekhard, Priuralsky area and Muravlenko. [16]

The North Caucasian Federal district:
Wage arrears in the North Caucasus Federal district leaves more than 300 million rubles, said the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the North Caucasus Federal district Yuri Chaika.
The envoy pointed to a significant gap in socio-economic development of the district.
“To systemic problems in our district include unemployment, over 11%, in Russia — 4,6%, low income — 68% of the national average. For example, the average monthly wage is 61% of the national average, there is a high level of wage arrears — more than 300 million rubles”, — said the Seagull at the strategic session “development of the North Caucasus”. [17]

Ulyanovsk oblast:
The prosecutors of the Ulyanovsk region has carried out inspections of compliance by administrations of business entities of different organizational and legal forms of citizens ‘ constitutional rights to remuneration for work. Established in Surskiy district hospital in December 2019 was not taken appropriate steps to timely and fully pay 104 workers, and resulted in arrears in the amount of about 500 thousand rubles.
The same facts are revealed in the ITUC Pavlovskoe, OOO “PROIZVODSTVENNO-Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Plant panel construction-1.” MKP “Water”, whose leadership made education the debt of salary for 51 employees. [18]

Kukmorskiy rayon (Republic of Tatarstan):
The Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit of compliance with labour legislation, which revealed arrears of wages to employees of the limited liability company “New Life”.
Found that 87 employees have not received due December 2019 salary in the sum more than 1 million rubles. [19]

One of the enterprises of Ekaterinburg have paid the salary arrears in the amount of almost 14 million rubles.
As reported in the office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal district, major debts to employees were identified at joint stock company “uralturbo” (Ekaterinburg). It was found that the company formed the arrears of wages to 409 employees in the amount of 13.9 million rubles. [20]

And this is not the end, continued in part 2.

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