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Russian blitz: “stable” wage arrears as of mid-March 2020

Российский блиц: “стабильные” задолженности по заработной плате по данным на середину марта 2020 года

The next issue of the blitz of information on the situation of workers in Russia. As always, the statistics authorities tell us that we live well, but it turns out like in the movie “Kingdom of crooked mirrors”, when the exhausted Bar was showing his plump reflection in a distorting mirror. So for us, the workers, now tell the tale of how we are well and live comfortably. That’s only true this statement is for units.

Recent socio-economic situation in Russia has deteriorated dramatically. The cases of disorders associated with complete or partial non-payment of wages.

Growth of wage arrears in the Ministry of labor is not fixed, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”. According to Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of Vsevolod Vukolov, the situation on the labour market is calm.

It is known that on 1 March 2020, according to statedata, the total wage arrears amounted to 2207,3 million rubles and in comparison with February 1, 2020 decreased by 44.0 million rubles (2.0%). The data provided by the organizations observed by Rosstat and economic activities, not related to small businesses. From the total amount of unpaid wages on March 1, 2020 for debts, formed in 2020, we have 406,7 million rubles (18.4%), and in 2019 — 914,0 million rubles (41.4 per cent) in 2018 and earlier — 886,6 million rubles (40,2%).

According to the Federal districts, wage arrears for last February fell to the Central Federal district by 11.3%, in SZFO — 0.4, the SFD — 14.0, in the NCFD — by 2.8%, in the Urals — by 39.3%. It increased in VFD — 1.5%, in the SFD — 11.9 in DFO — 6.1%.

About 53% of Russian respondents reported that they had experienced delayed or non-payment of salaries while 48% of them did not try to influence the employer, it follows from the survey of service job search
“More than half of respondents said that at least once been paid with delay or not at all remained without money. In such a situation were 53% of the respondents. The remaining 47% of employers always paid on time”, – stated in the survey results.
The majority of respondents (63%) said that they would like to receive compensation in double the amount of salary for moral damages. Every fifth would like to officially employer fined. Only 13% of respondents are willing to take extreme action: sue (4% respondents) or to get the employer to criminal prosecution (9%).
The survey was conducted in March 2020 5200 among Russians aged over 18 years throughout Russia.

Российский блиц: “стабильные” задолженности по заработной плате по данным на середину марта 2020 года


Voskresensk (Moscow oblast):
Investigators opened a criminal case on the leadership of local educational institutions because of the almost four million rubles of unpaid wages, reported in the regional GSU SKR.

“Since September 2019 and January 2020 the management of the organization in violation of the Constitution and the labor law did not pay wages to employees. As a result, employees had a debt of more than $ 3 million 700 thousand rubles”, – told the Agency.
“The issue of adopting measures protective measures for subsequent damages caused to the employees”, – stated in the material.

OOO “bol’verk” owed to employees 29 1.7 mln RUB wages, according to prosecutors. According to the Agency, the debt accumulated in the period October to December 2019. After making the Prosecutor’s submission to eliminate violations, the company has paid 1 million rubles of debt.
Earlier the management of “bol’verk” was arrested on suspicion of fraud (part 7 of article 159 of the criminal code) in the construction of the port of Pionersk of the Kaliningrad region. According to investigators, the company stole 1.6 billion roubles received from the FSUE “Rosmorport” advance.

On “Kostroma shipyard” has started the repayment of arrears of wages — according to the regional state inspection of work.

We recall that the company “got hot” at the end of last year. After the workers began to “ring all the bells” because of unpaid wages, the situation took control of the regional authorities and the Supervisory authorities.

The arrears of wages to employees was more than 4 million rubles. March 12 on the official website of the state Inspectorate has information that employees have already paid out 2.9 million rubles.

According to the regional Prosecutor’s office now debt is 2, 6 million rubles.

We will add that just last year employers paid employees more than 29 million debt. Back pay received 2.3 million of Kostroma.

Tula company kept wages 196 employees wages in the amount of 1.6 million rubles. It is reported by the Office of the Federal bailiff service of the Tula region. Officers noted that management was aware of the enforcement proceedings and the need to repay the debt, but only enforcement action induced the defaulter to return the money earned to his subordinates.

Bogdanovich (Sverdlovsk oblast):
At the municipal enterprise “Vodokanal” of the formed debt on a salary in January before 123 employees in the amount of more than 2.5 million rubles.

Ishimbay (Bashkortostan Republic):
It turned out that no salaries were 178 employees. They did not receive their earned money from November to January. The amount of damage amounted to over 5 million rubles.
In relation to the management filed an administrative case.

The Leninskiy district Prosecutor’s office checked observance of the labor law in the municipal unitary enterprise “Teplovodomer”. The investigation revealed that wages in January of this year, 23 employees of the company within the prescribed period were not paid. Debt on wages amounted to 167 thousand rubles.

The office of public Prosecutor of Birobidzhan checked the observance of labor legislation at the state enterprise EAO “Oblenergoes plus”.

Found that management had not paid wages for 197 employees. Duty pay amounted to almost 7 million rubles in January 2020.

“It is established that the agricultural enterprise of the black sea region have not paid for the period September, November 2019 34 workers wages totaling more than 1 million rubles,” — said the press service of the Prosecutor of the black sea region.

One of the most striking examples of violations of labor rights of citizens of Orenburg was the case for JSC “Novosergievskaya Mechanical plant”, where from 1 January to 31 July 2019 not paid its employees salaries, noted in the investigative Committee. As a result I accumulated a huge debt – more than 3 000 000 rubles. The employer has the required workers spent the money for personal purposes.

Additionally, the Prosecutor’s office of Dzerzhinsky district of Orenburg sent to the investigating bodies materials of check, which established the facts of arrears of wages to the employee organization, specializing in wholesale trading of construction materials.

From January 2018 to September 2019, the employee did not receive wages. The resulting debt has more than 330 thousand rubles.

Volgograd oblast:
The Prosecutor’s office of the Staropoltavskiy district of the Volgograd region during the inspection revealed violations in the activities of agricultural enterprises which did not pay wages to workers. According to the press service of the Prosecutor of the region, at the beginning of February 2020 wage arrears amounted to more than 450 thousand rubles.

The founders of OOO “Book club “Family Leisure Club”” are the German RCC BETEILINGUNGS GMBH and STU BETEILINGUNGS GMBH. Despite the presence of wage arrears to employees, the employer is going to eliminate organization.
Recall that the non-payment of salaries brought the head of the Belgorod company to the criminal case. At the end of February “TRANS Border Services” owed to workers for almost 1 million rubles. The state prosecution demands to cancel the acquittal in the case of the Director of the Belgorod refinery, employees who are owed wages of several million rubles.

To be continued ……

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