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Russian astronomer-champion has discovered a new comet

Российский астроном-рекордсмен открыл новую кометуAccording to Elenin, comet C/2017 A3 (Elenin) is of special scientific interest.

Using a telescope in Australia astronomer managed to discover a previously unknown comet.

This is the sixth comet, which was discovered researcher of the Institute of applied mathematics named after Keldysh Leonid Elenin.

“Comet C/2017 A3 (Elenin) discovered in the southern sky on the border of the constellations of the Keel and the Stern during a routine review to the Australian telescope network ISON. She has 18 magnitude and reach of Amateur telescopes,” – said the astronomer.

For Elenin – record holder among Russian astronomers on the number of open comets, is the sixth comet, and the first to be discovered using the developed software complex of management of remote observatories.

“The telescope discovered the comet on January 5. The same day I saw the picture and passed the information to the Central Bureau of astronomical telegrams and the minor planet Center at Harvard. The comet was given the designation C/2017 A3 (Elenin), her observation has motivated other astronomers, and to date, no independent confirmation of the opening obtained by the observatories located in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Australia,” said the scientist.

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Comet C/2017 A3 (Elenin) is now in high gloss, its size is unclear, and for observation it is available only while the telescopes installed in the southern hemisphere. Leonid Elenin said that by the summer it will be visible to and from the territory of Russia. The second half of the winter of next year the comet will again begin to dramatically lose their Shine, and by early spring will not be available for observation by Amateurs, but it will still be visible in large telescopes.

According to Elenin, comet C/2017 A3 (Elenin) is of special scientific interest. It is inclined to the Ecliptic plane, in which move all the planets of the Solar system at almost right angle – 98 degrees. It is very rare. And moves in the opposite direction than the planets of the Solar system’s most famous comet – at the moment, there are about 3 thousand of comets, and several hundred comets with reliable (surely count on many years ago and forward) orbits.

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A few days observing Elenin has calculated that the periodicity of the comet is 184, and refinement of the orbit is likely to increase, approaching 200 years. Interesting, in his opinion, the scientific issue is that brought the comet to such an unusual orbit. It is hypothesized that such a strong inclination to the Ecliptic the orbit of the comet could obtain after the rendezvous with Jupiter.

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