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Russian artists sought political asylum in Sweden

Российские художники попросили политического убежища в ШвецииThe Swedish authorities consider the application for asylum and gave the artists apartment.

First in Sweden moved installation artist Lusineh Janan and her husband Alexei Kadlecova “White circle”, dedicated to the protests against the third term of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and then they asked for political asylum.

Krasnodar artists Lusine, Janan and Alex Kantakoski asked for political asylum in Sweden, according to “Radio Liberty”.

The Swedish authorities consider the application for asylum and gave the artists apartment.

In January Kantakoski in Day of employees of state security attached to the cross on the pedestal of the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky. He was charged with disorderly conduct and arrested for 15 days. According to the artist, the FSB took its campaign “the New security officer” as an insult.

“We had a Swedish visa, the other was not, time to think was not there. Decided not to wait to go to jail for nothing”, – he stressed.

Kantakoski also said that in 2016, tried to organize the festival “Mediaudar”. However, in place of the event came, the officers and Cossacks, whereupon the platform, which was a concerted action, refused to host the festival. The result Kantakoski spoke at the food court in the Mall.

“Kuban is very difficult with the manifestations of public activity. No seats, no pads, everything cleaned”, – he stressed.
Some work of his wife, Kadlackova Janan was devoted to the support of Pussy Riot and has been exhibited at the Museum of modern art Marat Gelman. The artist said that after the show she got fired from Krasnodar University of culture and arts, where she spent nine years working as a teacher.

In 2014, the artists represented in Sweden the exhibition “the White circle”, which was dedicated to the protests in Moscow against the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin.

“Don’t leave on their own people. You can fight, and not being in Russia. We had an idealistic picture that we are now everything is warm up, go out on the street 100-200 thousand – and something will start. These 100 thousand came, and nothing started. How come they parted. The protests of recent months have shown that a youth in a large number of students. Maybe this generation will give something else? But soon I any prospects, frankly, I do not see” – said Kantakoski.

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