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Russian archaeologists have discovered an ancient temple in the center of Kerch

Российские археологи обнаружили древнейший храм в центре КерчиAncient Greek artifact began to study scientists.

Russian archaeologists found at the top of the mount mithridat, located in the center of Kerch, an ancient temple, to report on Friday 11 August the local media.

According to the website “Kerch – my city”, the scientists found the remains of the buildings during excavations in the ruins of the ancient Panticapaeum.

As head of the Department of art and archaeology of the Ancient world, the Russian state Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin, Vladimir Tolstikov, who heads archaeological exploration in Panticapaeum, discovered a temple pre-dated the II century BC – II century ad.

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“This is a rectangle, built of boulders, with a partition which constitutes the North-Eastern part of the temple. This is a typical layout of the temple…” – said Tolstikov. He added that archaeologists have found the head of the statue depicting lion, which presumably adorned the statue of the goddess Cybele, found in the excavations of Panticapaeum in 1826. Now the statue of the goddess is in the Russian Hermitage, archaeologists have not ruled out that on the Acropolis of Panticapaeum could be a temple dedicated to Cybele.

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Earlier, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine announced plans to address a number of international organizations with a request to respond to illegal excavations by Russian archaeologists continue to conduct on the territory of annexed Crimea.

Before that, in February 2017, the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO called on partner countries to send a monitoring mission on the territory of Crimea annexed by Russia.

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