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Russia will soon lose the Caspian sea, scientists

Россия вскоре лишится Каспийского моря, - ученыеThe scientists said, will disappear when the Caspian sea.

A group of international experts managed to carry out new large-scale study. Experts from France, Azerbaijan and Russia announced that after 75 years could disappear the Northern part of the Caspian sea.

Experts have made such conclusions on the basis of analysis of space images obtained from satellites of the GRACE mission. It turned out that three main factors affect the level of the Caspian sea: evaporation and precipitation, and the water from the rivers flowing into the sea. Experts is able to identify and thanks to the data hydrologists from different countries was collected for a long time.

In General, during the observations, the water level has dropped approximately 1.5 meters (five feet), it is said in scientific work.

In particular danger is the Northern part where the sea washes the South-East of the Astrakhan region, Dagestan and Kalmykia. It was here 75 years will be the most negative changes.

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