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Russia will say goodbye to YouTube

Everyone’s favorite video service YouTube in the very near future can leave Russia, and it’s not paranoid delusion, it is quite possible reality. The responsibility for this lies on the Andrei Lugovoi and Samail by Saralieva, which introduced to the state Duma a certain bill.

The document calls for limiting the activities of Internet cinema in Russia, and it concerns precisely those portals, the share of foreign capital exceeding 20 percent. Of course, this also applies to YouTube, although it is not positioning itself as an online movie theater. The law, we note, was initiated by the company “Gazprom media” and “CTC Media”, only their purpose is primarily Netflix. On associated losses are, as is always the case in our country, do not even think.

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Mobile operators have already responded to this, stating that if the law is passed, a sharp increase in their monetary cost cannot be avoided. This is due to the fact that the online cinema will move to servers located outside Russia, so that in the end will suffer of course, we are ordinary users. To influence what is happening can not be, and all sorts of online petitions matter will not help, so we rely on the wisdom of deputies of the state Duma, which really can wrap this bill at the first consideration. Fingers crossed and await further news.

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