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Russia will say goodbye to MediaMarkt

In the very near future in Russia, a network of shops of home appliances and electronics less. As it became known, the market is in a hurry leaving the company MediaMarkt. MediaMarkt is a German project, and the company has already decided the question of selling all built by it shops.

It’s very simple: where now hang signs and advertising MediaMarkt, very soon will be the logos of M. Video and Eldorado. It is officially confirmed: the sale transaction is completed, as M. Video and Eldorado will soon complete the merger and become a single entity, except in M. Eldorado not renamed. The process of collapse of MediaMarkt in Russia started in the end of 2017, but only now acquired gigantic proportions: most of the shops have closed, and soon the same fate will befall the remaining retail space.

The reason, as always, lies in Finance: the unwavering stability of the Russian economy, high wages and ever-decreasing food prices on the background of zero inflation and lack of interest on the mortgage led to the fact that the Russians began to buy much less equipment. According to official data, sales of MediaMarkt fell 7 percent compared with the 2017 year, and it very much. It is hoped that other West network will not leave our market.

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