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Russia will release a “green” cryptocurrency

All the known bitcoins for many becomes a life goal, for their mining buys iron of several hundred thousand rubles, which then consumes kilowatts of energy. Profit from all of this is minor, and most often a virtual miner, and all remains in the minuses.

In contrast to all this movement “all-Russia people’s Fund”, hereinafter onf, offer a fundamentally new concept of cryptocurrency in the first place “light” and “green”. The authors of the idea offer to issue virtual currency, to accumulate which do not have to invest in farms, which then fail to sell a sites with ads. The movement onf will start with a fixation in the legal field of Russia of the terms “bitcoin” and “mining”, and only then plan the introduction of new currency, whose name is not reported.

The Russian currency is called “green” not just to mine bitcoins spent a tremendous amount of energy, which is not the most environmentally friendly power plants, dumping tons of CO2 into the air and forcing the greenhouse effect. So what miners are to blame for such a hot summer 2017. Jokes aside, bitcoin is really harmless and in all respects, and the benefits are less than the harm they cause to wildlife. Russian cryptocurrency will be much more available to the miners that will allow the Russians to get rich while saving natural resources by reducing energy consumption. The only question is when the onf will run your project, and the answer to this question does not yet exist.

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