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“Russia will leave Syria without hesitation”

"Россия уйдет из Сирии, не задумываясь"

“Read: “trump gives Syria to Iran and Russia.” In my opinion – nonsense. Russia is not going to contain the Assad regime. If in the Soviet time, this worldwide support was provided from the state budget, but now the Russian political establishment believes this budget is his Fund, and just do charity from his own pocket not want. (How’s Putin? “THEIR oil money we share with the PEOPLE”.)” – orientalist writes on his page in Facebook.

“The money will be allocated to the mythical “recovery” of Syria and its microscopic oil and gas industry is a cut state funds priblatnenny people like prigorovsky mercenaries and his own “oil”.

And the costs of war on Syria? So after Putin said that it was training armed forces in the framework of the normal military budget. Why not to shoot and not to dance here (especially since the cut of dough is also not excluded).

If maintaining Assad will need the real money is schematic cut-rollback, Russia will leave Syria without hesitation.

So Russia as a significant factor in middle Eastern Affairs, trump is not taken into account. Iran is another matter…”

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