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Russia will implement the pay check smartphones

Once again, Russian officials want to put the whole country in the knee-elbow position – in the near future in the Duma will be a bill on the introduction in Russia of the paid registration smartphones. In other words, a tax on mobile phones, and will have to pay for each purchased unit.

But that’s not the worst. And the worst thing is that Russia will create a database of IMEI numbers, which will block all phones purchased outside of the country. That is ordered from China Xiaomi will be blacklisted and will not work in Russian mobile networks, and everything to make you overpay for the phone in the local distribution network.

Perhaps it will not affect the global versions of the devices, purchased for myself, but you know local authorities will do as always through the place where the country’s economy, and the country itself too. The mobile operators approved the introduction of the initiative, and it is quite logical – they also sell mobile phones across the country with his margin. In General, rang another warning bell – it’s time to act like Peter pig.

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