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Russia will hit Americans in Syria

Россия ударит по американцам в Сирии

Russia and the United States had almost three years are present in Syria at the same time. The Americans climbed in the Arab Republic a year earlier, but until the coming of the Russian Federation really didn’t do it. The Islamic state continued to hold sway and to lead a victorious campaign, the terrorists in other areas are also not affected. Rare departure of the invaders, of course, was the place to be, but serious damage was not. The only party who felt that intervention was the government forces.

The Americans have actively supported some opposition groups, aims to overthrow of the authorities. Supported not only by the instructors, weapons, and combat missions. This accelerated the approach of the collapse of Bashar al-Assad. He suffered defeats on all fronts — on the one hand he was sick of fanatics Baghdadi (leader of Islamic state — ed.) North pressed sharply increased the Kurds and other opposition groups believe so in their own strength, even managed to hit a couple of areas of Damascus.

The Iranians tried to help his friend, but nothing worked — the Syrian President was very close either to death or to a shameful flight. By the way, on the eve of the assault on the capital, which was intended to carry out the terrorists, there were many rumors that Assad might have already chosen a place for forced migration. However, he managed to beat everyone. He called Russia, you could say it was his last chance. Since the interests of Russia, stimulated postkrymsky events, to some extent coincided with his.

The arrival of our military dramatically changed the whole Syrian situation. The transformations undergone in the strategy of the Americans. They, fearing that the Russians will overtake them, quickly made an Alliance with the most effective part of the Syrian opposition — the Kurds. And so began the competition with Russia.

Yes, the US can say, competed with Russia — who will release the next province from the Islamic state and related groups. Of course, it was not fun, but to protect and promote their own interests. In the end, pseudohalide quickly fell, and on its ruins, in fact, formed two States. The first is that Assad Syria, which has little in common with the country that existed before 2011, the second — Kurdish Federation named Rozhava. Since then, Washington and Moscow are almost entirely devoted himself to the confrontation with each other.

So, the Americans repeatedly bombed the objects of our ally — the Syrian Arab army. Once was even shot down the plane. And the Kurds are periodically battered by the action of SCD. At some point, even came to a direct clash of Russian citizens with the US military. Our mercenaries, performing together with the Syrians task on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates in Deir ez-Zor, got involved in fights with the Americans. It ended badly — the job was failed, and in Russia flew “two hundredth”. The matter was hushed up, and the States themselves are not particularly about him often remembered in Moscow, so far limited to a couple neutral reviews. Since then, many crept into the idea that the Kremlin must respond to this unprecedented audacity of the Americans. Yet it never happened.

But here, perhaps, is the moment when all disappointed patriots can finally feel satisfied. The fact that recently was released information according to which Russia is going to attack US positions in Syria. And spread her Pentagon in their media. Moscow argues that the fact that under the protection of the Americans are some terrorist groups. The elimination of the last necessary. Given that the US is not going to deal with them yourself, Russia will take care of it. It is interesting that on these his plans for our military are reported Western “partners”.

Of course, the Yankees are unhappy. Because any military activity against their allies on the territory under their control faces greater risks not only for most of these allies, and U.S. citizens. Military based in Et Tape claim that any aggression near the base will force them to respond immediately, even without the approval from the management.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonov believes that the impact in the area of control of Americans, especially near the Floor-Tapa possible, but be sure it is impossible.

— Attack on Americans — it’s complete nonsense. No line of communication between our military and the coalition forces are not canceled. CCN (the first of a possible attack on the Americans controlled the territories announced that the media — ed.) just wants to divert attention from Idlib. Preparing a provocation of the West with this chemical attack in Idlib seem to have completely failed after our representatives spoke about the details of this provocation, including at the UN. Plus many other factors due to which this re-enactment will look ridiculous. This just will not do. So you need to distract public opinion, saying that Russia, for example, is not fighting terrorists in Idlib, and the Americans in HOMS (in this province is the base of Et-TANF — ed.).

“SP”: — the Us media just reported that Russia is going to strike at the groups that it is considered a terrorist. Just these groupings are in the areas of US control.

— If we consider the situation from this side, then Yes, the impact of Russia on the US-controlled territories is possible. In the case of al-TANF this is especially real. The fact that our military don’t just say that out often overlook the subversive terrorist groups, which are then safely destroyed. In this area, established a camp of their training, and it is close to even a refugee camp. That is, civilians are the guise of a human shield for militants. Representatives of our military in this regard, I have repeatedly asked colleagues from America to play in al-Qaeda, it has to raise terrorists and send them to the side of the liberated territories. If our actually planned to inflict on him a blow, the Americans guaranteed should be warned about this, they will be highly recommended to get out of there. Something similar previously happened under the Deir ez-Zor. Our likewise asked the Americans to clarify, where are their advisors and representatives of private military companies. Information has been provided, and additional problems were avoided. In General, Et-TANF can be destroyed by the Russian VKS almost one sortie. And nothing was not there: neither of these terrorists, no camps for training, no weapons caches, and so on. But everything is stopped due to a small group of American soldiers who make this place a pain for us. It is difficult to say what will happen in the future, but it is obvious that the priority is now Idlib. With al-TANF will all be addressed later.

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