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Russia voiced the alarming forecast

По России озвучили тревожный прогноз RF prophesied the inevitable collapse.

The Russian Federation will sooner or later face the problem of centrifugal movements and will cease to exist in its present form.

This opinion was expressed by the blogger, historian Yuri Gudimenko.

“Russians like to talk about the civilizational breakthroughs, but I don’t remember how many times their government collapsed so quickly as not collapsed any state. Here, for example, on this segment you’re player # 1 in the region, now decides policy on the Balkans, Iran, some countries. It takes three years, and in your place about thirty small States fighting each other, like cockroaches in the Bank,” he said.

According to Gudimenko, another collapse of Russia is a matter of time.

“Russia is a complex project that collapses as soon as knocked out some stick from the bottom, and then this great design is very easy to crumble. This goes now. I am willing these things to predict because if they come true – it will be good. If not true, then they will come true, but late. Just turns out that I just did not guess the timing. It always happens,” – said the historian.

Also as an example he cited the situation in the USSR in the late 80-ies of the last century.

“1987 – all excellent: “our task – to get ahead, to catch up with the United States.” 1991 – in Moscow, the Russians are behind “Bush’s legs”, which brings this “evil us military” and feeds them humanitarian aid. Three years have passed. The Empire collapsed enormous,” concluded Gudimenko.

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