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Russia throws new missile complexes in the Arctic

Россия перебрасывает новейшие ракетные комплексы в АрктикуThey will replace old systems “Frontier”.

Russia tightens the Arctic supersonic coastal defense systems “Bastion”.

According to the publication, the command of the Northern fleet decided to replace the old “Frontier”, which no longer remained in the Navy, on “the Bastion”. The range of new weapons reaches 600 kilometers, the fire can be conducted both ground and sea targets.

The new installation will be on combat duty before the end of this year. They will be located on the island of Boiler, which is the largest in the archipelago of the Novosibirsk Islands. It is reported that the “Bastions” are supposed to protect the Northern sea route.

“New Siberian Islands occupy a strategic position. Whoever controls them, controls the Northern sea route. And beyond the range of the “Bastions”, including in the area of eternal ice, works naval aviation”, – said the representatives of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

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