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Russia threatens to expand the geography of hostilities.

РФ угрожает расширением географии военных действий, - экспертPro-Russian militants went on the offensive.

The intensification of hostilities in the Donbass connected with the project, the fictitious state of “little Russia”. This element of political and military pressure of Russia on Ukraine, because in the so-called “concept” indicates that the boundaries of “the Ukraine” covers the entire territory of Ukraine and not of separate areas of Donbass. We are talking about extending the zone of influence and the geography of military confrontation.

About this site “24,” said military expert Dmitry Snegirev.

This political and military pressure of Russia on Ukraine and the West. Especially after the international community condemned the idea of “little” and made sharp statements against Russia. Therefore, Moscow has demonstrated that it will not only policy statements but also military action if Ukraine does not agree to the Minsk agreement on the terms of the Kremlin,
– says the expert.

In addition, says Snegirev, strengthen the fire in the Donbass Russia sets the theme of the upcoming telephone conversation, “Norman Quartet”, which will be held in a few days – July 24. According to him, most likely, the leaders of “Norman Quartet” will not discuss the time of settlement of the conflict or political Outlook, and military escalation.

Also, according to him, Russia puts pressure on US and the American special envoy Kurt Volker, the settlement of the situation in the Donbas. Russia has shown that does not assume obligations to respect the fake “D/LPR” non-expansion zones of military conflict and non-use of weapons during the “bread of truce.”

Therefore, says the expert, the increased military tension Pro-Russian militants is to be expected. The only thing that surprises is the statement of the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak made the day before, that the Pro-Russian terrorists don’t plan on fighting intensified. Or, said Snegirev, it’s a complete incompetence of the military leadership and structures that need to provide relevant information, or ignorance by Poltorak situation.

Russia again included the so-called “scales”. On the one hand, “peace” proposals. On the other hand, the Kremlin shows that it is ready at any time to intensify military confrontation. This is evidence that Russia does not intend to leave the East of Ukraine and only manipulates the fact that after the elections Ukraine will get control of the border, and the Russian Federation withdraws its troops. Russia considers these territories as a springboard to put pressure on Ukraine. And we must be ready, – said Dmitry Snegirev.

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