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Russia started the construction of strategic missile

Россия начала строительство стратегического ракетоносцаA contract between the defense Ministry and JSC “Tupolev” provides for the delivery of 10 aircraft.

Russian company JSC “Tupolev” started the construction of the strategic missile carrier Tu-160M2, said the CEO of the company Alexander Konyukhov.

“Tu-160M2 will be equipped with space communication and a fundamentally new set of defense side, the combat effectiveness of the aircraft will grow in 1,6 times”

“The first missile in the form of the Tu-160M2 is already under construction. This is a fresh and completely new glider plane. The drill missile will be upgraded to the level of the Tu-160M. This modification will be released for flight testing in 2019, with completion expected in 2021. In parallel will be tested and the Tu-160M2,” — said grooms.

The main difference between Tu-160M2 from the “White swans”, standing on the arms now will be a new, more efficient engines — they range missile will increase by a thousand kilometers — and a special coating to reduce radar signature of the huge aircraft. Will be fully upgraded on-Board electronics, allowing the Tu-160M2 will be able to use the entire Arsenal and advanced weapons.

A contract between the defense Ministry and JSC “Tupolev” provides for delivery of 10 jets worth 15 billion rubles each. The order provides a full download of the company until 2027.

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