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Russia reconciled itself to capitalism

Россия смирилась с капитализмом

The myth that the country is swarming with supporters of Soviet socialism, it is necessary to swing. In business you see the norm, although I do not understand that in his favor.

Our power — the country of great big surprises, revelry we see today on the occasion of the Moscow electoral crisis. The system in one fell swoop switched to this scale repression, which did not allow himself more than thirty years.

With a clear interest ask yourself the question: what areas of life they want to remember the old days? Socialism, whether that be restored?

The only question seems absurd. In recent years we have seen several times: no matter how absurd any endeavor, but if it is in principle enforceable, the authorities simply will. Therefore, the research of Fund “Public opinion” under the innocent title “the Conditions for entrepreneurship in Russia” I would interpret as an attempt to hint to the user: well, at least do not climb here, that people just will not understand.

So. “Entrepreneurship in our country was allowed about 30 years ago. What do you think, generally speaking, private enterprise has brought Russia over the years, more good or more harm?”

Imagine, just 16% of respondents reported that “more damage”, and 59% or “more good” or, much less that “approximately equally benefit and harm”.

Unhappy business is concentrated mainly among those over sixty. But even among them, who met in the transition from socialism to capitalism, Mature men, negative, and positive feedback was divided roughly in half.

Among Russians it is not revealed any notable groups, whether by age, education, wealth or place of residence, which would be any distinctly called for the abolishment of private business. And it’s impressive — in fact, noticeable or, at least, a lot and loudly salient part of our social researchers says that the Russians have not changed over the years, and the remaining “ordinary Soviet people”.

Thirty years ago the hatred of the employers (“cooperators”, as they were called) directly bubbled. And today we can say that half the job is already done. Only a relatively few of the respondents admitted that they are entrepreneurs is only 5%. But another 36% reported that they had such among their friends. Until, when the merchant small or medium hands will everywhere be seen as the same person as all other already at hand.

Of course, the FOM asked his companions whether they consider our favorable business atmosphere in which direction it is changing, and whether the government should weaken its corporate accounting and control — or even more strengthen.

The majority of respondents (43%) agreed with the idea that “Russia has created unfavorable conditions for entrepreneurship.” And those who see them “favorable”, almost half (24%). And again, it doesn’t surprise the balance of answers to the question “whether the conditions are worsening in recent years.” Deterioration see 32%, and improve register only 17%. It is clear that on both counts the most skeptical educated people and especially those who are younger than forty years.

That is to say, the obvious answers. But it was discovered and unobvious.

First, the views expressed by those who define themselves as an entrepreneur.

Of them 30% reported that the conditions for business favorable (unfavorable they recognized still the majority of merchants — 61%). At the same time significantly increased the share of entrepreneurs who noticed improvements in the business climate. Such 26%. Registered a deterioration of 52%.

As you can see, our business class there is a notable squad of optimists, satisfied with the business climate, rejoicing that it is getting even better, and, I might add, very positively answers the question whether we have to do business, without violating the laws, while in the rest of the people of opinion were divided almost in half.

Explanation I have two. Any part of the traders just in case reports questionnaire service on their loyalty. Or is it to declare themselves, those of our entrepreneurs who really live comfortably in a symbiotic relationship with the bureaucrats, inspectors and guardians of that feasible for a bribe to protect his players from the competition, meticulously business partners and other creators of inconvenience.

Another question addressed to all respondents and help to understand why in our market economy seems to be a deep stagnation.

“Do you think that the state should stronger or weaker to regulate business?”

It would seem that the balance of answers are easy to guess. They themselves interviewed, listing the difficulties of doing business in Russia willing to refer to corruption, bureaucratic red tape and “wrong actions”. But it is necessary to say the magic word “regulation”, they instinctively stand at attention.

For “stronger” state regulation expressed by 37%, and for “weaker” — only 16%. Only among educated young people, “regulators” and “antiregulation” about equally. About the flawed utilitarian approach to entrepreneurship even speak of the observations of the respondents in his favor. Most people refer to the variety of produced goods and services and the creation of jobs, and only 2% of respondents said about the window of opportunity to find themselves and realize their ideas.

The Russians fully reconciled with capitalism, I think it’s quite practical about the socialist past and do not want to think. But by the understanding that entrepreneurship is not only the method of production and source of earnings, but also an expression of freedom and creativity, they still go on and on.

However, that is enough. The increasingly frequent encroachments of the regime is not easy to deform, but to destroy the enterprise, people will not understand and will not accept. If they seriously continue and people will feel all put together the capital’s conflicts will seem a children’s matinee.

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