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Russia predict a new mass protests

 России предрекают новые массовые протестыMass protests in Russia will begin after 2020, when the opposition leader Alexei Navalny will pave the way for civil disobedience in the Putin regime.

He wants to be President and is going to “play long”. Such opinion on air “Columnist.LIVE” stated Ukraine moved to the former officer of FSB of the Russian Federation, restaurateur and blogger Ilya Bogdanov.

According to him, in Russia there while peaceful protests in which the participants avoid clashes with security forces.

“Bulk operates in the legal political field, it gives people hope for a fair political competition… in Any case it is impossible to provoke… If the radicalism in the first phase (that can’t happen)… Bulk wants to be President, not a head subcultural groups… It will take power, just plays long,” – said Bogdanov.

He stressed that the situation in Russia “shake” after 2020, because the Bulk focused on the campaign. “He still has to lose the election, because to win no one will give… Before this time will not work, because there Kgbshnaya system,” – said the blogger

Bogdanov said that the protests on Manezhnaya square in 2014 showed that in Russia, as in Ukraine, is ready to take decisive action folks. “There also have someone to fight… you can withdraw radicals. But the common man, the average man in the street is not inclined to violence,” he said.

A former officer of the FSB agreed with the remark of the leader of what the Russians will dare to protest against the Kremlin only if it affected their sense of justice.

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