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Russia may run a train Hyperloop

Russia joined the list of countries where in the future there will be a highway for the Hyperloop train, able to travel tens of kilometers in a matter of minutes. This was reported personally Josh Gagel, head of the California division of One company Hyperloop, adding that in our country such a train could appear even earlier than the rest of the world.

According to Mr. Geigel, running Hyperloop in many countries, is constantly delayed due to the large number of bureaucratic problems, but in Russia it’s all a lot easier. However, the representative of the Hyperloop One did not explain what exactly is easy a local bureaucratic system, especially given the tense relations between Russia and the United States, but apparently, he is aware about the phenomenon of kickbacks. A pilot project on introduction of the Hyperloop in Russia will be the construction of a tunnel for trains between the Port of Zarubino and the Chinese city of Hunchun with a length of 65 kilometers.

In the beginning of this year are reported to have already established a working group that will develop the Hyperloop on the territory of our country and introduction of trains in the current infrastructure of Russia. In fact, the company’s Hyperloop One has already given the green light, as Vladimir Putin also supported the idea of creating a tunnel for high speed trains. When it will be built the first tunnel between these cities are not reported.

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