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Russia is waiting for new sanctions

Россия в ожидании новых санкций

Former spectacular Robert Mueller, who is almost two years investigated Russia’s intervention in the elections and suspicions of collusion teams trump with the Kremlin, testified in Congress, Voice of America.

At a hearing in the judiciary Committee of the U.S. house of representatives, he confirmed that his investigators came to the conclusion that the Russian government systematically and massively intervened in the US presidential elections in 2016.

In particular, the lawmakers heard evidence that the then head of the election campaign by Paul Manafort shared with Konstantin Clinicom that the report of the independent counsel United States tied with the special services of Russia, information on the campaign strategies of candidate trump and the polls of American voters is critical to winning States.

Spectacular Mueller also confirmed that among the representatives of the election teams trump and Russian agents during this time was 126 contacts.

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The American people learned a few things. First, the Russians wanted that trump won. Second, Russia has carried out systematic and large-scale cybercanine. The Russians broke into the computers of the Democratic national Committee and received access to the election strategy of the Democrats. The Chairman of the election campaign of the Republicans met with Russian agents and repeatedly provided them with inside information, interviews and information about voter sentiment in key States. At a time when the Russians were buying advertising space and spread propaganda with the purpose of influencing the election results, they were armed with insider information that they stole, breaking the computers of the Democrats, and that they have provided the Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort.

For American politicians this is quite a proof of the necessity of new anti-Russian sanctions. Several bills on this subject are in Congress. But the statement by Robert Mueller gives them a chance. This means that the ban on operations with Russian debt, and ban for all banks to dollar transactions could become a reality. That the Russian economy will result in the most serious shock since the 1998 default.

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Trump will be indicted when he leaves the post of President of the United States — Mueller. VIDEO

Donald Trump will be charged with obstruction of justice after he leaves the post of President of the United States.

It was declared at hearings in the House of representatives former spectracolor USA Robert Mueller, who investigated the Russian intervention in the election in 2016 won trump.

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