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Russia intends to weaken the army of Belarus.

Россия намерена ослабить армию Беларуси, - экспертAlexander Alesin believes that Russia needs the Belarusian territory, but not to strengthen the country’s defense.

Russia not only wants to organize in Belarus a joint military production, but refuses to supply the declared ally of modern weapons to weaken the army and to deprive the country the opportunity to defend himself. About the Belarusian military expert Alexander Alesin said the publication BelaPAN.

“Russia needs our territory, but they do not want excessive strengthening of the Belarusian army … first, the Russians think that when we all faint, then you invite them to establish a military base on its territory to protect us. Second, if the events in Belarus will start to develop under the Ukrainian scenario, the Belarusian army was easier to “wring” he said, noting that about the last think “pessimists”.

According to him, the Russians themselves are experiencing economic difficulties, but because “do not want to give these weapons”. The expert noted that Russia has an “in driblets” is not a very large supply of weapons that are “not in principle change the quality of the Belarusian army”. This situation, he believes, contributes to the search for other partners and the development of its own military-industrial complex of Belarus.

Attempts of Russia to place military base in Belarus, he explained the intentions of the Kremlin is not so much to achieve the same result, as the desire to “stake out, to mark the territory of Belarus as a zone of exclusively Russian interests.”

“The base was supposed to be a symbol … It was a military-political desire to show who is more important, older, and at the same time to see how Lukashenko is malleable, willing to share his power,” he said.

Alesin noted that, according to polls, 94% of people “want to trade to be nominal allies of Russia, but do not want to its composition”.

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